Meet Gary A. Kyle

President & CEO

Gary Kyle, President & CEO, is an award winning decision-maker and senior contracting executive in the Department of Defense (DoD) and private sector. He is a dynamic leader with a superior Profit & Loss (P&L) track record in turning around fast paced, geographically dispersed organizations. He has proven ability to interact with industry C-level and DoD/Air Force senior executives while providing innovative approaches to disparate issues.

Gary is a recognized as a “Disruptive” change agent who ensures senior-level executive teams collaborate, assess and resolve challenges on multi-billion dollar, mission-critical programs.

He is a unique problem solver who leads and works well in teams.  He has demonstrated full spectrum procurement experience and expertise – laboratory, Research & Development, production, services, software and IT.  He is a Subject Matter Expert for acquisition streamlining, source selection, Other Transaction Authority (OTA) and commercial acquisition.  He has established, trust-based professional connections and an active TS/SCI clearance.

Under his leadership, Persistent AgilitySMemploys a consultative approach and devises entrepreneurial strategies to mitigate risk, maximize return on investment, and address enterprise-wide issues, while ensuring customer satisfaction. PAI’s experience includes innovatively resolving national security issues with Business C-level executives, government Senior Executive Service and general officer levels. PAI is also widely recognized for it’s unique ability to innovatively and practically apply federal acquisition policies.