“PAI guarantees the high quality of mutually agreed to services, or it will complete the engagement at its own expense.”

We provide:

  • Crisp, decisive engagement focused on addressing our clients’ toughest issues and helping them drive forward to accomplish its objectives.
  • Innovative approaches based upon our clients’ situations, concerns, market positions, and business goals.
  • Clear text answers to complex procurement and acquisition questions.
  • Small business flexibility with relevant large business experience, expertise, connections, and business acumen.
  • Ability to quickly obtain additional expertise as required to ensure the consultation substantially improves our clients’ organization’s situation.

Dynamic Federal Procurement & Government Contracts Consulting

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“Gary is the consummate professional in all aspects of government contracting and has thorough knowledge of contractor business operations.”

“I highly recommend Gary based on my personal knowledge of his expertise, dedication and ability to clearly communicate complex issues to the senior levels of Industry and Government.”

“Gary is extremely skilled in analyzing complex issues and articulating solutions to those issues.”

“Gary is a leader who makes leaders out of others.”