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“Gary is the consummate professional in all aspects of government contracting and has thorough knowledge of contractor business operations. Worked with Gary in his Air Force capacity and have maintained awareness of his outstanding contributions to industry since his retirement.

Gary is extremely skilled in analyzing complex issues and articulating solutions to those issues. I would recommend Gary for any management position in a company that desires to upgrade their professional staff with his skill and expertise.”

“I highly recommend Gary based on my personal knowledge of his expertise, dedication and ability to clearly communicate complex issues to the senior levels of Industry and Government. Gary drives strategic growth and delivers superior outcomes to clients in the space and Information Technology (IT) communities.

He is an acknowledged and sought after space acquisition strategy expert who played a key role in shaping the Government’s strategy for the new $72B Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) acquisition.”

“Gary is the man you want on your team if you’re going into battle — literally and figuratively. His military experience combined with his corporate success sets the bar that leaders in our country need: integrity, discipline, resourcefulness, tenacity, competence, and confidence. That combination makes for his greatest talent: Gary is a leader who makes leaders out of others.”

“Strategic vision and principled leadership are two of Gary’s strongest traits. He has the unique ability to discern the key issues, encourage inputs from other colleagues, and then derive compelling guidance and solutions. He is a seasoned executive who delivers excellence and drives significant revenue and profitability.”

“Outstanding leadership—your team’s independent look at our IT efficiency initiatives and introduction of innovative approaches will impact our entire multi-$B enterprise.”

“Your insightful and innovative acquisition recommendations will enable $1B+ in cost savings and greatly improve our space launch capability.”

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